People vs Animal – Case of Superiority Complex

So this Cincinnati Gorilla story. I see people calling for the Zoo to press charges or the parents to sue the Zoo. I’ve read of petitions to have the parents investigated for neglect, or even to have the parents charged themselves for the death of the gorilla.   Take a deep breath folks and lets […]

The Hardest Thing

So often we view the world as us and them, black or white, have or the have nots. It is easier to divide one another along some line, to cut ourselves in two, so we can judge the other half. Hate the other half. Hate that part that is not like us. We do the […]


The month of June is when I was born, I also was married in the month of June, and as so happens Father’s Day falls into the month of June as well hence Birth-Father-Versary. My birthday fell on a work day, a Thursday actually so no point in taking that off only to go back […]

Another year older…

I think as you get older the years that they start to go by faster. Maybe it is because you have so much more going on that time seems to slip by ever quicker. I can remember not just five years ago when a year was an eternity, now it merely blinks by with a […]

Solo Parentis

Kellie is in Nashville, TN for a couple of days at SEPA (Southeastern Psychological Association) getting her learning and networking on with fellow peers in the field. Which has left me home with the two wee ones, which has been a bit of an eye opener. I mean I keep the kids throughout the day […]

The Holidays of 2013

Much like every year the Holidays bring a mixed bag of good and bad. The bad is really just the odd painful memory, the hurt of loved ones no longer with us, or the loved ones here but not. Kellie and I try to put something together for the kids because they deserve all good […]

From US-16 to I-95 feels like a long ride… – Jekyll Island 2013

Well the family headed back down to Jekyll Island this year and we stayed at a new condo within the same resort space. The condo was great: clean, well furnished, and spacious. There were only two problems with the condo: 1. Only one bathroom, on the 2nd floor, 2. No area rugs, so cool tile […]


I’m sitting in front of my computer, the kids have both been put down for naps. Staggered unfortunately so that the moment I would become comfortable to nap one of them would rise. I’m sitting here cause I don’t know where else to sit, I feel adrift and empty. Television is just noise, internet is […]

It’s not about you…



Families comes in all shapes and sizes. Rarely do you get to choose your family your born with and sometimes you make a family out of those around you. When you start a family it is a whole other story, cause it is up to you to determine how your family works. The determination you […]